Obama Administration Launches IT Spending Tracker

President Barack Obama’s Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra announced this morning the launch of an “IT dashboard” that allows people to see how the federal government is spending taxpayer dollars on information technology projects.

The Swiss Army Knife of Portable Videos

RealPlayer SP grabs videos from the Web and converts and transfers them to over a dozen portable devices. While other software programs perform two or just one of these tasks, RealPlayer’s trio of talent make it like a digital Swiss army knife.

Palm Pixie in November?

According to some lines of code secreted away within webOS, Palm has at least one more handset in the pipeline–the so-called Eos (codename: Pixie). And while no one seems to know when it will arrive at market, there’s speculation today that we’ll see it by November, right in time for the winter holidays.


Personal Democracy Forum: Battle over Broadband

The Obama administration has called for a $7.1 billion upgrade of the nation’s broadband Internet system as part of the Recovery Act, but it will be a tall order for the FCC to create a plan that satisfies both telecom companies and broadband advocacy groups.

Mozilla Foundation Announces Your New Default Browser

After four beta versions and nearly as many release candidates, Firefox 3.5 is finally here. This latest version of the browser offers a number of new features. Among them: Private browsing, location aware surfing, support for emerging HTML 5 standards such as plug-in-free video and audio playing, and better JavaScript performance.

YouTube Co-Founder Steve Chen Moves On, Stays with Google

YouTube co-founder Steve Chen, who oversaw the company’s technical operations as it grew from an upstart to the world’s biggest video site, no longer works at the site day-to-day. This is old news, literally: Chen left his spot as chief technology officer last fall, though he remains employed at Google, which bought his company for $1.65 billion in 2006.

China Delays Filtering Initiative

New ATD Features: Topic Pages and Finding Jobs (No, Not Steve!)

Here at All Things Digital, we are always fussing away on our site, making a variety of improvements regularly to make the experience better for our readers. In that vein, we have recently added two new features over the last weeks, which deserve a look-see: Topic pages and job listings. Check them out.


Will Airlines Push Travel Sites to Pay Credit-Card Fees?

The razor-thin profits the online travel agencies get on airline bookings could get even thinner. As reported last week by the travel research firm PhocusWright, United Airlines is forcing some travel agencies to absorb the 2 percent-3 percent credit-card fees for ticket bookings.

Here Comes the Video Shakeout: Joost Scales Down, CEO Mike Volpi Steps Out

Here’s the beginning of the inevitable online video shakeout: Joost, the once-hyped video service that was supposed to rival Google’s YouTube, is restructuring to focus on “white label” services, i.e., a back end for other video players. The site is laying off the majority of its 100-plus employees, and CEO Mike Volpi is out, replaced by Matt Zelesko, who had been SVP of engineering.

Green Dam Gets the Red Light

Palm Sold 300,000 Pres in June