Gadgets Show How Much Power Your House Eats

By Geoffrey A. Fowler

An array of gadgets is vying to help homeowners cut energy spending. The devices provide real-time information about how much electricity is used across a home in terms that are easy to comprehend: cost per hour.


Kindle Now Only $299 More Than iPhone Kindle App

Amazon hasn’t said how many Kindles it has sold since launching the device in 2007, but it may soon be selling quite a few more of them. The company today dropped the price of the six-inch Kindle to $299–$60 off of its previous price. That’s certainly not a dramatic reduction, but it may be enough to drive consumers who’ve held off on purchasing the device to reconsider.


Sun Valley: Diller and Malone Pessimistic on Twitter

Allen & Co.’s Sun Valley, Idaho, media fest got off to a gloomy start Wednesday, with downbeat panel discussions on the economy (getting worse) and the digital future (looking murky).

NetApp Gives Up; Data Domain to Be Acquired by EMC

EMC has long claimed that its bid for Data Domain is clearly superior to NetApp’s, and today NetApp finally agreed. After market close Wednesday afternoon, NetApp said it has terminated its merger agreement with Data Domain, giving the data storage technology vendor leave to accept EMC’s unsolicited takeover bid–at $33.50 a share cash, an 11 percent premium over its own.


Shutting Down Communications to Prevent More Protest

The ongoing riots and protests in western China’s Xinjiang region have led to some extraordinary restrictions on communications in China: Internet service and mobile phone access around Urumqi have been curtailed, while social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Fanfou (a homegrown version of Twitter) are suddenly inaccessible to users around the country.

Sinofsky Named Windows Division President (Official Announcement and Memo)

Steven Sinofsky, senior vice president of Microsoft Windows and Windows Live Engineering Group, was given a bump-up in title today. He was promoted to president, joining Stephen Elop, Bob Muglia, Qi Lu and Robbie Bach as the fifth company executive with that title. The official announcement and all-hands memo, after the jump.


Rejected Tom Swift Novels

Here is the latest comic from our Joy of Tech friends at Geek Culture, Nitrozac and Snaggy. Joy of Tech appears three times a week in the Voices section of this site. (Click on the image to see a bigger version.)

New from Google: Google Windows

Mr. Hooper: Cisco CEO’s Heir Apparent?

If there was any doubt that Ned Hooper is Cisco CEO John Chambers’s likely heir apparent, it disappeared today when the company named him chief strategy officer. For Hooper, who was already waist-deep in corporate strategy at Cisco as senior vice president corporate development and head of its consumer division, this is quite a promotion.

TMZ's Harvey Levin Speaks About Michael Jackson and More!

On the spur of the moment yesterday–as Los Angeles was gridlocked by the memorial service for pop legend Michael Jackson–BoomTown decided to pay a quick visit to Harvey Levin, who runs TMZ. Located on Sunset Boulevard–natch!–TMZ is the celebrity news Web site that actually broke the news of Jackson’s death, before any other media outlet. And it has pretty much led the coverage as the sad story has unfolded–and keeps doing so.

SEC Won't Let Steve Be