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Not With a Bing, but a Whimper, Redux

failMicrosoft’s new Bing Internet search engine may have exceeded the growth of its rivals in June, but it didn’t do much for the company’s overall share of the search market. Bing grew faster than Yahoo, Google and during the month, its percentage of U.S. searches going from 3.4 percent in the first week to 6.63 percent by the last.

  • Week ending June 6: 3.43 percent
  • Week ending June 13: 4.57 percent
  • Week ending June 20: 5.35 percent
  • Week ending June 27: 6.63 percent

“Looking at the weekly percentage of U.S. searches for Bing, the search engine has grown at an average weekly rate of 25 percent for the month of June 2009,” Hitwise explains. “Adding in and MSN Search along with Bing, the combined search engines have grown at an average of 16 percent during June 2009. Bing grew faster than the three other prominent search engines for the month.”

Impressive. But sadly, not enough for Microsoft (MSFT) to make real headway. Because Bing actually ended up losing market share during June, slipping to 5.25 percent from the 5.64 percent it had in May (click on chart below). Meanwhile, Google (GOOG) gained share, rising to 74.04 percent from 73.66 percent in May. And Yahoo (YHOO) gained as well, starting out the month with a 15.55 percent share and ending it with 16.19 percent.


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