Facebook Says It Will Fight Power.com Countersuit

Facebook said it will fight a countersuit filed by Power.com, saying the company puts Facebook’s member information at risk. Power.com bills itself as a “social inter-networking site,” in which users can sign on to their other social accounts, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace. It has some 8 million users.

Apple to Bring Wi-Fi-Free iPhone to China Three Months Early

Apple’s iPhone is coming to China, perhaps sooner than later. But when the handset finally arrives, it’s likely to lack an important feature. Sources say Apple has formally requested a network access license to sell the iPhone in China, but it’s for a customized model in which Wi-Fi support has been disabled.


Android Will Live On, Get 'Sweeter' and More Social

After Google announced it was working on an operating system based on its Chrome Web browser this week, many wondered: Didn’t Google already build an operating system? And isn’t it called Android?

How to Kill the Rest of Your Friday

Let’s be honest. You’re not getting anything productive done with the rest of the day. Why not sit back and watch a couple of interesting ads before the weekend starts?


Apple: Credit Suisse Ups Estimates on iPhone, Mac

Personal computer sales in the June quarter were probably about average for this time of year, writes Credit Suisse analyst Bill Shope this morning in a note to clients, and he expects Apple to be “best in show” among PC vendors in the quarter.

Slowing Palm Pre Sales Actually Not Slowing

Are sales of the Pre slowing or not? Without official numbers from Palm or Sprint, it’s nearly impossible to tell. But that hasn’t stopped analysts from taking a stab at it. Earlier this week, Pali research claimed Pre sales were tapering off. Now Pacific Crest is saying they remain “robust.”

Bing Needs a Bit More Zing

More iPhone Apps = Less TV, Newspapers and Everything Else

The more time iPhone users spend fondling their apps, the less they have for everything else. Obvious, but important, for media folks trying to figure out what the mobile movement means to them.

Resign from Apple's Board? Steve and I Will Be Sure to (Cough) Take Your Advice to Heart (Snicker).

Google chief Eric Schmidt has some words of advice for outsiders insisting he should recuse himself from Apple’s board of directors following the unveiling of Chrome OS, an operating system that will presumably compete with Apple’s Mac OS X: You can have my Apple board seat when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.


Evian's Dancing Babies Ad Makes a Splash

It’s hard to ignore dancing babies. That’s at least part of the thinking behind Evian’s new advertising campaign, which has taken off on YouTube, thanks to a troupe of infants breakdancing and roller-skating across the screen. The campaign, called “Live Young,” broke last week and has gotten more than 2.8 million views on YouTube in the U.S., and another 2.3 million internationally.