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Four and a Half Minutes on iFart? There’s a “Daily Show” Clip for That.

Everyone knows that one of the iPhone’s best selling points is the amazing array of apps developers make for the handset. But if you still need convincing, check out this “Daily Show” clip, which highlights some of the phone’s most popular programs.

Of course, it’s a decent bet that if you’re reading this site, you’ve already heard of iFart. And perhaps the iFart v. Pull My Finger lawsuit. And maybe the entire array of flatulence apps now available for iPhone users.

Which is, actually, a serious story for Apple (AAPL): At some point it risks having the App store, and thus the iPhone, defined by novelty items.

The issue came up during the company’s earnings call yesterday, when Needham and Co. analyst Charles Wolf worried about a “race to the bottom” at the App store, and wondered if there was a way to “enable consumers to separate quality apps from the garbage.”

Apple COO Tim Cook’s response: “We realize there’s opportunity there for further improvement and are working on that.”

In the meantime, here are all of Apple’s fart apps in one handy link.

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