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Laptop Punters

lauren-2Microsoft COO Kevin Turner must be so disappointed. Remarking on the company’s “PC Hunter” ad campaign last week, Turner said he’d been ebullient when attorneys for Apple (AAPL) called to complain.

“The ‘PC Hunter’ ads, the ‘PC Rookie’ ads clearly have been winners in the marketplace,” Turner said. “And you know why I know they’re working? Because two weeks ago we got a call from the Apple legal department saying, ‘Hey’–this is a true story–saying, ‘Hey, you need to stop running those ads–we lowered our prices.’ They took like $100 off or something. I did cartwheels down the hallway. At first I said, ‘Is this a joke? Who are you?’ Not understanding what an opportunity. And so we’re just going to keep running them and running them and running them.”

But only after tweaking the ad in question to reflect Apple’s recently lowered prices, Ad Age reports.

Microsoft’s (MSFT) Laptop Hunters ad, which once depicted the supremely annoying “Lauren” opting for a $972 Dell (DELL) laptop over a $2,000 MacBook Pro now features no reference to that machine at all. Which is appropriate, since it was replaced with a new $1700 model in early June. And now, rather than harping on that $2000 price point, “Lauren” simply suggests that Mac users are “paying a lot for the brand.”

Not nearly as much as Microsoft is paying for these silly commercials. Anyway …

“We slightly adjusted the ads to reflect the updated pricing of the Mac laptop shown in the TV advertisement,” Microsoft told Ad Age. “This does not change the focus of the campaign, which is to showcase the value and choice of the PC.”

The new ad:

<br /><a href="" target="_new" title="Laptop Hunters $1700 - Lauren and Sue get a Dell XPS 13">Video: Laptop Hunters $1700 &#8211; Lauren and Sue get a Dell XPS 13</a>

The old ad:

<a href=";playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:0170090f-53b2-40fc-89a4-c759cb088e0a&#038;showPlaylist=true" target="_new" title="Laptop Hunters $1700 – Lauren and Sue get a Dell XPS 13">Video: Laptop Hunters $1700 – Lauren and Sue get a Dell XPS 13</a>

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