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Boys Will Be–Especially, in Silicon Valley–Boys: Some Goofy Photos Après FaceFeed


Yes, that’s Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg in shorts, knees and all, in a picture taken right “after signing the papers” to acquire FriendFeed for $50 million. The deal was announced today.

One of FriendFeed’s founders, Paul Buchheit, posted them on his account at the online content-sharing site, to much merry comment.

They look like they were taken at night in someone’s driveway in Silicon Valley (nice fence!), although the person who took the shots is not identified.

(BoomTown is assuming it was not Twitter’s Biz Stone, since it would be a total geek rumble.)

From left to right, above: Vaughan Smith, Facebook’s deal guy; FriendFeed co-founder Jim Norris; Buchheit; FriendFeed co-founder Bret Taylor; and Zuckerberg.

Buchheit said in a comment that the last co-founder, Sanjeev Singh, was boarding a plane and was not there.

In the second picture, below, social networking czar Zuckerberg is seen bathed in the light of one of his very best friends, an Apple (AAPL) MacBook Pro, yukking it up with his new minions–ex-Google (GOOG) execs, who will soon discover that one Mark decree is equal to one Sergey order plus one Larry declaration from on high.


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