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Here Are Some Tasty Reader Submissions for the BoomTown Apple Tablet-Naming Contest


BoomTown has already gotten some very good submissions from readers for a contest to come up with a good moniker for a tablet device Apple is allegedly working on.

While no one knows when such an innovative product will be coming out–rumors are all over the place, as per usual with Apple (AAPL)–I just decided to move forward with the naming ceremony.

In a post earlier today, some of my ideas included: iTablet, iPad, iAmnotanetbook and iAmakindlekiller.

And here are some of the user-generated ideas, via Twitter mostly, and my Paula Abdul-inspired comments on each of them:

Mike Boylan: They’ll be calling the tablet simply: MacBook. That explains the pro transition a few months ago.

BoomTown: Then what will I call my old MacBook? Phyllis?

Pete Blackshaw: My bets: iScroll, Touchbook, iScript, iScribe.

BT: iScroll is good, but is a little too ancient Greekish, while iScribe is monkish and iScript Hollywoodish. Touchbook sounds unusually naughty, which rules it in!

Paul Marcum: It should be the iLive! But will be the MacBook Slate.

BT: Hmm, iLive sounds too much like iLiver–so no, for obvious reasons. I love the Slate idea, but what about iSlate? Very retro!

Wolfgang Wiedenroth: Easy and simple–just iTap.

BT: I knew a man Bojangles and he’d dance for you, in worn-out shoes….

Park Nunya: I’d call it an iNOTBOOK, as opposed to NETBOOK.

BT: I like it! More subtle than mine.

Eric Welch: iWant.

BT: iPerfect iName. iLoveit.

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