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Fancy Graphs of the Week: iPhone Versus Android


As a new weekly feature, BoomTown is calling all those who make cool graphs about tech to send them to me pronto.

I am–truth be told–a secret stats fanatic. A bargraphaholic. Yes, even a closet pie-charter.

I also love pie (click on this very funny pie chart from GraphJam once to make it larger and on “next” to see other graphs in a slideshow.)

Thus, here are a few–click on the images to make them larger–comparing some stats about development for the iPhone from Apple (AAPL) and the Android from Google (GOOG).

They are from Flurry Analytics, a mobile analytics and monetization tools start-up in San Francisco, from a blog post titled “Smartphone Industry Pulse, July 2009.”

The first chart shows new project starts–apps in the pipeline from third-party developers–for the iPhone, and the second is for Android.

Both starts are up a lot, as you can see, although the iPhone wins in terms of sheer numbers. At this rate, said Flurry, “by the end of 2009, the App Store will easily surpass 100,000 apps.”



But, as you can see from this third graph below, Android’s growth rate for new project starts is accelerating, which is no surprise, since everyone did an iPhone app first (like All Things Digital, for example).


Please see this disclosure related to me and Google.

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