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Adobe's CTO Kevin Lynch Talks–But Not Omniture!


BoomTown went to visit the HQ of Adobe in San Francisco several weeks ago for a chit-chat with its CTO, Kevin Lynch.

We had a lovely discussion about the future of its Flash video technology, as well as of its more recent AIR offering.

Lynch also discussed smart phones and other such devices, although he somehow neglected to mention the then-pending purchase of Omniture (OMTR) by Adobe (ADBE).

That would be the $1.8 billion the company said last week it would fork over for the Web measurement business.

Reaction to the deal has ranged from mixed to WTF? And some consider it an attempt to–as one smart exec put it to me–“buy revenue,” even as Adobe’s other businesses face major challenges ahead.

While the iconic company’s Photoshop and Acrobat software offerings dominate the Web publishing business, Adobe must still deal with the increasing move of all software into the cloud and onto non-PC devices.

And–with Microsoft (MSFT) continuing to aggressively push its own Silverlight online video technology and other companies like Google (GOOG) likely to have more to say in the arena–even the Flash business, which is now installed on more than 90 percent of Web-enabled PCs, will be more challenging than ever.

Lots to think about, so here is Lynch in a video interview:

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