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Kool-Aid Guy Too Harsh? Then How About These Visual Metaphors for Twitter's $1 Billion Valuation!

Earlier today, BoomTown wrote a tongue-in-cheek post to depict what I thought of the $1 billion valuation that Twitter recently got from investors.

It was meant all in fun, as poking holes in the frothy atmosphere around the innovative microblogging hottie is kind of an easy layup.

But Matthew Alexander called my use of the wacky Kool-Aid pitcher man image (see below) “kinda harsh” in a tweet.


And I got several other how-could-I-not-see-the-genius-in-overblown-investing-hype emails too.

Sensitive Sallys all, but in the interest of fairness, here are some other visual choices–in images and videos–for a metaphorical depiction of the Twitter valuation.

Please select whichever suits you!

Frothy beer mug hat:


Nena-99’s Luftballoons (How much do I love this song? Muchly much!):

Bubbles the chimp with his special friend:


Violet Beauregard blowing up like a blueberry in the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” movie, including cool Oompa-Loompa song:

And, for all your dreamers, just right:


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