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Are You a Betty or a Veronica?


Like a lot of fans of the “Archie” comic book series–yes, BoomTown is that old–I was irked when Riverdale’s endless teen goofball picked spoiled Veronica over sweet Betty in a recent issue in August.

Not because I like Betty more, but because it ended the long-running love triangle that has been going for almost 70 years.

But apparently, the story is not over, according to a piece this week in the New York Times, because the whole thing is part of a six-story arc, which includes Archie marrying both Veronica and Betty and having twins with each.

Well, not at the same time, so get your minds out of the gutter.

Using the trick of Archie going down different paths on Memory Lane, he first marries Veronica and has the kids in two issues. Then, going down a different path, he marries Betty in the November issue and has more kids in the next two issues.

Presumably, the last two will have the carrot-haired hero finally decide. Personally, I am voting for Jughead.

In any case, Archie Comic Publications actually has a nice digital site, where you can read comics online or even on an Apple (AAPL) iPhone.

And here are the competing covers:





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