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Bobbing for Apple, PC Hide-and-Seek and More: Swisher Boys Throw a Windows 7 Launch Party!


To be totally honest, BoomTown was a little late getting a request in to Microsoft to host a Windows 7 Launch Party.

Thus, no “special Signature Edition of Windows® 7 Ultimate and your very own Windows® 7 Party Pack to share with your guests” for a shindig at my house!

As you might imagine: Massive, massive bummer.

While Microsoft (MSFT) PR head Frank Shaw begrudgingly invited me to his party, flying to Seattle for it seemed like too much fun to have in one lifetime.

So, because we admire the very gumption of Microsoft marketing types for trying to make a software launch festive, which many have mocked mercilessly, the Swisher boys and I pressed on and created our own party to mark the launch of the much anticipated new operating system software.

With Windows 7 officially in stores on Oct. 22, the software giant hopes its new offering will erase all memories of Vista. And so far, reviews, such as Walt Mossberg’s here, are pretty good.

After a rocky start, including disinviting all the All Things Digital staff from the proceedings for reasons you will see in the video, Louie, Alex and I proceeded to party down.

The festivities included Pin-the-Moustache-on-Steve-Ballmer, Bobbing for Apple (AAPL) and, of course, a very exhausting game of “Search”–also know as Hide-and-Seek–for the Google (GOOG) PC.

All in all, a memorable evening at the Swisher household, as you can see in the video below:

(All joking aside, ATD staff do regularly use both Windows and Apple computers, as well as all the various browsers, to make sure our site works well on all platforms. That said, no Apples were harmed in the making of this video.)

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