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Is Everyone Using Twitter Yet? Nope.

weegee-crowdThe digerati spend a lot of time talking about Twitter’s growth, Twitter’s business and Twitter’s dealmaking. But at this point, many of us tend to take Twitter’s users for granted: We assume that everyone uses it, or at least everyone we know.

But we’re not exactly right. New statistics from the Pew Internet Project indicate that 19 percent of U.S. Internet users are on the service on a regular basis. To spell out the obvious: One in five is a lot of people, but it’s not everyone.

This is worth remembering as Google (GOOG) and Microsoft (MSFT) move to integrate Twitter updates into search results: Those results come from a particular slice of Web users.

Here’s Pew’s breakdown of that slice, by gender, race and other demographic markers:

twitter demo

Pew says the average age of a Twitter user is 31 (MySpace, 26; Facebook, 33; LinkedIn, 39). And it has some other stats that are useful–and, if you use the service, evident.

For instance, Twitter and mobile are a peanut butter/chocolate combination–25 percent of Internet users with wireless access use the service, compared with eight percent of those who are tethered. And, not surprisingly, gadget junkies are Twitter junkies too: 39 percent of Web users with four or more Internet devices use the service, compared to 10 percent with one device.

The full report is embedded below:


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