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BoomTown Can Count on Scooby-Dooby-Don't for Laughs: The Roast Video


Sadly, due to the sniffles and some minor hacking (thanks, kids!), BoomTown had to miss the roast of well-known blogger Robert Scoble that Startup2Startup hosted at its holiday party last night on Pier 38 in San Francisco.

I was skedded to be one of the roasters, though, so I sent along a video of all my video encounters over the years at various tech events with the man I like to call Scooby-Don’t.

As you will see below from our geek version of Seinfeld-Newman faceoffs, I like to poke fun at the gooney enthusiasm of Scoobs–who never met a wacky gadget he did not squeal over, a social whatever start-up he did not proselytize or a line for a new iPhone he did not sit in all day and night.

In all seriousness, the blogosphere could use a lot more of Robert, who is big-hearted and infectiously warm, loyal and funny, in his own goofy way, and never cruel. Plus, he knows how to make fun of himself.

But most of all, Robert truly cares about innovation in tech, even if he also likes to tweet every time he has an errant thought about just about anything.

You can watch videos of the event here–the proceeds of which went to charity–or search #scobleroast on Twitter for more.

Here are my video interviews of Scoobs:

And here is Web Strategy’s Jeremiah Owyang’s slide presentation roast too:

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