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Vevo, Big Music’s New Video Site, Peeks Out From Behind the Curtain

Vevo, the “Hulu for Music” site featuring videos from three of the big music labels, is supposed to officially go live tonight, and there’s a big party in New York to kick things off. But if you’re not going to that and want to see the site now, you can get a peek.

Skip the site itself, which is still in preview mode. But if you go to YouTube and start searching for acts signed to Sony (SNE) or Universal Music Group, the first two labels to join the joint venture, you’re likely to encounter some “Vevo”-labeled videos, like this Britney Spears clip.

Guess what? If you embed them, they look exactly like YouTube videos.

Which is the whole point: While there’s a standalone Vevo site, the labels and Google (GOOG) don’t expect Web surfers to automatically head there, and they’re happy to serve up the clips on YouTube. The main difference between a regular YouTube clip and a Vevo YouTube clip is that Vevo is responsible for selling ads against the latter, and the traffic it attracts will accrue to the new JV.

That said, if you watch a Vevo clip on YouTube, you will notice some other doodads like lyrics and artist-profile options. While those features don’t seem to be live yet, the new Vevo “channels” that I’ve seen so far do a good job of illustrating what they’re going to offer, so take a look and see what you think. Here are a few from Britney, Justin Timberlake and Bruce Springsteen.

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