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AOL Spinoff Done. Now, What Have You Done for Me Lately, Tim Armstrong? (Though Woz Loves You!)


AOL CEO Tim Armstrong got right into it after the Internet giant spun off from its parent company, Time Warner (TWX), today.

In what were very short remarks to the press in a conference call, Armstrong went into a very short history of AOL (AOL), which is an astonishing 25 years old this year.

AOL brought more people online at the dawn of the consumer Internet, noted Armstrong correctly. Whether it will play such a significant role going forward is, of course, the big question.

“AOL today looks like a very scaled network,” said Armstrong, before opening up the call to a few questions about AOL, which is once again an independent company.

The first question was, appropriately, about the stock, which was trading slightly down–about 1.2 percent–at $23.38, during the call.

“Are you disappointed?” asked a reporter from Germany.

“The stock may go up and down, but we continue to progress,” said Armstrong, who noted that what matters is what happens after all the partying was done and he and his staff get back to work this afternoon.

There was also a question about competitors, with Armstrong mentioning both Yahoo (YHOO) and Demand Media, a privately held start-up.

“I believe we have a much more scaled [content] engine [than Yahoo],” noted Armstrong. “Demand is an innovative and interesting company, so that is not a comparison we don’t like.”

There were questions about premium advertising and access, but the Q&A was short, which was also appropriate.

After all, for AOL, now on its own, it is finally time to get down to business.

And, as a final bonus, here are some more interviews BoomTown did last night at the AOL party on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

They include a spate of AOL execs, as well as board members–Hollywood dude Jim Wiatt and Gilt Groupe CEO Susan Lyne.

And, inexplicably, always ebullient Apple (AAPL) co-founder Steve Wozniak, who wants to sell Armstrong some technology for AOL.

Here’s the video:

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