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Questions Please: BoomTown Revisiting Twitter's HQ (The New Swanky One!) Later Today


BoomTown is ankling over to Twitter’s new HQ today at lunch to check out its new digs in San Francisco and meet with whichever execs don’t run away from me screaming (I’m talking to you, COO Dick Costolo!).

Please send questions you would like me to ask the Twitter execs about Twitter to me via Twitter–@karaswisher.

No query is too silly or prying!

Here are some to get you started about the microblogging phenom:

If you had to marry one, would you pick Google (GOOG) or Microsoft (MSFT) or Facebook (oops, we know the answer to that one already!)?

Which is prettier? Smarter? A better conversationalist?

Could you show me the giant pile of funding you have (and can I jump in it)?

And, not to be all skunk-at-a-garden-party, but how’s the moneymaking coming along? (Dick Costolo, I am still talking to you!)

Until I post the inevitable new video, here are two from my last visit to Twitter in April–which seems like an eon ago–as well as the interview Walt Mossberg and I did with Stone and Williams at the seventh D: All Things Digital conference in May.

Here’s my tour of the former HQ, to which I brought the gift of pie:

And here’s my last video interview with co-founders Biz Stone (yes, that is a bird sitting on his head) and Evan Williams, who is also Twitter’s CEO:

Finally, here’s the D7 interview:

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