Weekend Update 01.02.10–The First Oh-Ten Edition

The AllThingsD tech team was on call this week with a whole slew of posts to help you ring in the new decade in the know. Even if Kara was still off in the islands with her famously fun family, Walt, John and Peter kept their offices humming and their fingers typing with all the news and reviews.

Walt was back in action after a week off and delivered a New Year’s review of a different sort of netbook. The Litl’s big twist on the now-ubiquitous netbook is its absence of a standard operating system in favor of complete reliance on the cloud. While Walt praised the device for innovative features and thinking, he thought it wasn’t quite there. Also a big sticking point: The Litl is about twice the price of a standard netbook and doesn’t deliver as much.

After a week on hiatus, John was back, and Digital Daily delivered some awesome year-end perspectives. Early in the week, John posted that Nokia’s (NOK) official new year’s message read something like, “Dear Apple: It’s on.” The Nordic electronic behemoth filed legal documents stating that Apple (AAPL) violated Nokia patents on virtually every mobile device it makes. Sounds like it’s going to be a good year for the legal industry. The costs of future litigation may be high, but Apple’s fourth-quarter profits may take some of the sting out. John reported that everyone’s favorite brushed aluminum retailer was expected to post huge Q4 sales figures for 2009, buoyed by record iPhone sales and brisk Mac shipments. John rounded out the week with a post-mortem of the year in venture backed IPOs. The short version is that they were DOA. With only one more venture-backed IPO than in 2008, John is sure it’s going to be a long climb out of the hole.

MediaMemo was a little more positive last week with some posts about the new tech world we’ve created. This new decade may see dollars spent on e-books outpace those spent on hard copies, but Peter reminded all the Amazon (AMZN) Kindle-heads out there that that doesn’t mean that book sales are going up. 2009 saw a major move from buying a book to licensing an electronic copy. It’s a line in the digital sand that etailers may never again want to cross. In a post that brought just the right amount of luster to the old year, Peter reported that retailers had an all-right quarter to round out a so-so year. The superlatives continued. He added that they did a little better than predicted, though only in comparison to last year’s colossally dismal numbers. And to round out the old year and ring in the new, Peter took the reliably self-obsessed temperature of twitter and delivered some tweets bearing the novel hashtag, #10yearsago. It wasn’t all about people’s cats or whatever else people tweet about, as all the world’s tweets seemed to be reflecting on what they were doing back when Y2K was king.

In a year when downs outnumbered ups, Weekend Update’s resolution is a netbook for every lap and a smartphone in every pocket. Happy New Year.

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There’s a lot of attention and PR around Marissa, but their product lineup just kind of blows.

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