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If You Think AT&T Has Network Problems Now, Just You Wait

attandroidFor AT&T, 2010 will be all about Android and Palm’s webOS. At least, that’s the impression one’s left with after the company’s event at the Consumer Electronics Show this morning, which featured a lot of talk about devices based on those operating systems and little mention of Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone, the device that has overstuffed the company’s wallet almost as obscenely as it has its network.

Evidently, AT&T (T) thought it best not to mention the iconic super-smartphone too much lest its executives be driven offstage by a mob of iPhone users complaining of dropped calls, lousy service, delayed text and voice messages and testudine download speeds.

Anyway, as I was saying, AT&T said it will add two so far undisclosed Palm (PALM) webOS phones to its lineup this year as well as five Android devices. Among the latter, a mysterious new HTC phone (hmm…wonder what that could be?) and Dell’s Mini 3, a device that shares the basic design as smartphones Dell (DELL) already sells in China.

Oh, and the company has adopted an “Apps for All” strategy that will see it supporting Apple’s iPhone App Store and Palm’s App Catalog, the Android, Windows Marketplace and Nokia’s (NOK) Ovi Store (is anyone even writing apps for that?).

So AT&T is adding five new data-guzzling “superphones” to its 2010 lineup along with four new app storefronts. How does the carrier propose to handle the resulting data demands considering the difficulties it’s had supporting the iPhone?

Said AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega: “How is our network going to support this growth? We’re continuing to add thousands of new cell sites and back-haul connections and preparing for the move to LTE. We’re confident that our industry-leading investments and upgrades will help us maintain our position as the nation’s fastest 3G network.”

Whatever you say, Ralph. I’d call to question your wisdom, but I keep losing service.

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