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The Night the Lights Went Out at CES (And Back On, of Course)

BoomTown is in Vegas, shuttling up and down the Strip from one tech-related event to the next on the first night of the Consumer Electronics Show.

Continuing in Las Vegas for the next several days, the massive confab pretty much takes over the hotels, clubs and restaurants of the city, as well as its convention facilities.

A lot of top tech players are here, such as Microsoft (MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer, who delivered the opening keynote address last night.

I ran into Ballmer at a party later and he thought it went fine, but was definitely irked by power going out in the middle of his presentation, ruining a demo of some interactive features the software giant was keen to show off.

Power going off in the midst of this device-choked, electricity-hogging geekfest is pretty much of an apocalypse, as you might imagine, so I feel your pain, Steve!

In any case, here’s a video I did last night, with a visit to see some innovative gadgets, an interview with Walt “Mr. CES” Mossberg and Mossberg Solution’s Katherine Boehret, and other shots.

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