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BoomTown Psychic Prediction: "iPad" Will Be Name of New Apple Tablet (Take a Poll to Make Your Guess!)


While “iSlate” is classier and “iTab” or “iTablet” more descriptive, BoomTown is making an all-in bet that Apple will use “iPad” as the brand name of its new tablet computer, which is expected to be launched one week from today.

Interestingly, there was an intriguing post on MacRumors today that pointed to new trademark filings from what it claims is a dummy Apple (AAPL) corporation, suggesting that iPad could be the moniker of the much anticipated device.

While I claim no such source for my own Miss Cleo prediction, here’s what occurred to me driving home on a rain-soaked highway on the long car ride back from Los Angeles last night:

1. iPad sounds like iPod, so marketing would be easier.

2. iPad is the simplest choice and a familiar term related to touchpad, pad of paper–much as iPhone was the most obvious one.

3. iSlate–a name Apple also appears to have trademarked too–feels too much like it belongs in an episode of “Little House on the Prairie” and that chalk needs to be involved in its use.

4. iTab is not enough, and iTablet sounds like some digital drug of the future.

5. The JesusTablet is probably sacrilegious, as is iMoses or iAmThatIAm, which is what God told Moses his name was. (Teasing!)

But why don’t you weigh in here with choices I selected in this poll or add one of your own (not that Apple CEO Steve Jobs cares what we think!). I will publish any really good names you come up with tomorrow:

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