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Google Advertises…Google Advertising

Can you name a company as successful as Google that spends so little advertising its own wares? Me either.

Still, in the past few years, the search giant has started flexing its ad prowess on its own behalf, in limited ways: It has taken out ads to push products like its Chrome browser, its Nexus One smartphone, and even its position in its fight/negotiation with China. All using Google ad products, of course.

So I guess this a natural next step: Google ads advertising Google advertising. Google (GOOG) has at least eight of these YouTube spots, which the company is promoting via banner ads.

I think they’re quite clever. And I’m assuming they’re copyright-compliant–note the licensing note in the “Batman” spot. No need to tangle with the people at Time Warner (TWX) while you’re still locked in a legal battle with Viacom (VIA). I also appreciate the plug for The National, which is indeed a great band.

The only odd thing here is that the “Search on” campaign is  advertising…Google search. Which really doesn’t need a boost.

If anything, you’d think Google would be trying to sell advertisers on its display ads. But perhaps that’s coming, as CEO Eric Schmidt hinted during last week’s earnings call.

Thanks to John Battelle for spotting.

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