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Google to Yahoo: Excuse Us While We Buy Your Photo Editor

It’s a Monday, which must mean that Google has a new purchase to announce, its ninth since August. Today’s buy is Picnik, which runs a Web-based photo-editing service.

No terms were announced, but given that Seattle-based Picnik is a 20-person, bootstrapped start-up, the reasonable guess is that this falls into the “acquhire” category for Google (GOOG), whereby the company is more interested in the team than the product itself.

This seems especially likely in this case because Picnik is, among other things, the default editor for Yahoo’s (YHOO) Flickr.

That doesn’t mean Google will shut the service down (a la reMail), but I do assume they have different ambitions for the team that built it.

Meanwhile, here’s an addition to the “this is what it looks like when Google buys your company” gallery we should be compiling (see: Appjet)–a video of what TechFlash’s John Cook says is Team Picnik’s celebration. Which is considerably milder than those crazy Canadian hockey players.

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