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Amazon: What iPad?

Sure, some Apple zealots camped overnight to get an iPad this weekend. But Amazon wants to remind the rest of us that it has a popular gadget too.*

Here’s what greeted visitors to the e-commerce giant’s front page Sunday night (click to enlarge):

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal reminds us that Amazon (AMZN) can boast of one thing that Apple (AAPL) can’t right now: The ability to sell books from Random House.

The publisher has yet to agree to the “agency model” Apple is using with the rest of the industry whereby publishers get to raise prices for their titles but receive less for each sale.

*As my readers note, Amazon has already released an iPad app, so you can’t argue that the company is ignoring the competition. It will be interesting to see if Amazon ever rolls out a marketing campaign that compares its device directly with Apple’s.

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