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My iKid–Who Previously iJacked My iPhone–Also iJacked My iPad (Now, With Extra Help From His Little iBrother)

A year ago, I blogged about my son, Louie, in a post titled: “My iKid iJacked My iPhone: A Geek Parenting Tragedy.”

As I wrote then:

“He wants to grab my iPhone from my holster all the time, having become entranced by apps–lots and lots and lots of apps–that now litter the digital pages of my Apple device. DizzyBeeFree and Super Monkey Ball. Touch Hockey and Paper Football. Finger Sprint and MoodPhone. Bounce On and Crazy Penguin Catapult. Lie Detector and Crazy Snowboard. Tic Tac Toe and Hangman. And iChess, iCheckers, iBowl.”

So I was curious to see if he would be as eager to grab the new Apple (AAPL) iPad I just got last week.

The verdict: Yes, and–because of its size–he uses the iPad in a much more social way with his younger brother, Alex. In other words, lots of singing, drawing and playing together in a mobile manner.

Here is the short video I did after they first got their dirty mitts on it, as well as the one from last year, in which Louie ignores me completely:

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