Weekend Update 04.17.10–-The Power-Play Edition

AllThingsD was reenacting its own Stanley Cup playoff situation this week, as team captain Kara kept us going strong even while she had a man in the box. John Paczkowski was still out when East Coast defender Peter Kafka got the whistle from his wife that it was time to bring another little media man into the world. That left Kara alone on the ice here, but she shifted into a whole new gear and AllThingsD didn’t miss a beat.

BoomTown was chock full of awesomeness this week, starting with some of Kara’s signature “gets” at Chirp, the first annual Twitter conference. She talked to @ev, @biz, and a bunch of tweeps about the future of 140 characters. She moderated a panel with David Pakman, who coined a new term Kara thought was right-on enough to warrant a post. Weekend Update is on board with this whole new “right-time Web.” Kara bounded out of Chirp as fast has her wings could carry her and caught up with Ben Horowitz, co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz, the year-ish-old high-profile venture firm. For good measure, Kara rounded out the week with a quick post about Yahoo’s (YHOO) ongoing effort to buy up Foursquare, the social-geo-hipster game guys, and then another about Palm trying to put a cork in its threatened brain drain.

Digital Daily was off this week, but there was a little pinch-hitting going on early for Microsoft’s (MSFT) “social” event that turned out to be the release of the Kin 1 and Kin 2 smartphones. We liveblogged, shot pictures and even got a little video together. iPhone killers? No. Interesting move by a software giant? Definitely.

Before little Kafka made his debut, Peter got a full bundle of posts up in MediaMemo. He covered the ad angle on the new Twitter revenue model, posting that certain members of the twitterati had been reaching out to Madison Avenue in time for the ad platform release. Peter also reported that Harbinger Capital is in for a serious stake at Palm (PALM) after the portable device company announced that it is looking for buyers. Peter was firing off his last post about True/Slant CEO Lewis DVorkin taking some time to help with a Forbes redesign when he got the call and it was time to go cover another event-the birth of the newest Kafka.

Walt and Katie never miss a beat, and this week we got their typical trifecta of greatness. Personal Technology was all about watching Web video on TV. The Kylo browser and Loop remote were up for review, each getting high marks for working to bring Web content to the big screen, or at least make the process more seamless. There were some rough spots for both, but Walt seemed upbeat on the concept overall. Mossberg’s Mailbox had a few gems in it this week relating to readability in sunlight, the Kindle v. iPad debate, and use of iTunes to deal with synching nonmedia data. Katie ran anchor this week and reviewed a pair of interesting devices designed to keep you attached to your more expensive toys. The ZOMM and Phone Halo both aim to keep you connected to your phone by pairing it with Bluetooth and alerting you if they are ever out of range. Both devices had their pluses and minuses, but Katie brought it back to reality at the end, reminding readers that there’s always another way to find a lost cellphone: Borrow someone else’s phone and call it.

We’ll be playing with a full team next week, as Peter and John come out of the penalty box and back onto the ice. Imagine what we can do with a full squad! Stay tuned.

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Nobody was excited about paying top dollar for a movie about WikiLeaks. A film about the origins of Pets.com would have done better.

— Gitesh Pandya of BoxOfficeGuru.com comments on the dreadful opening weekend box office numbers for “The Fifth Estate.”