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Hard Labor: Adobe Rebuilds Its Wired Magazine App to Fit Apple’s Flash-Free Agenda

Condé Nast and Adobe spent months creating a version of Wired magazine  for the iPad — only to be to told Apple wouldn’t let the thing anywhere near its gadget.

So back to the drawing board: Adobe (ADBE) is laboriously rewriting the Wired app in Apple-approved code, sources tell me.

Specifically, Adobe is using Objective C for the new version of app, which originally was built using the Flash standard which Apple (AAPL) detests. That should presumably pass muster with Apple’s developer agreement, which specifically lists Objective C as an acceptable programming language for the iPhone and iPad.

Both Condé Nast and Adobe declined to comment. Condé previously offered an oblique statement earlier this month about its intentions to produce an Apple-approved Wired app with Adobe’s help.

The good news for Adobe is that it doesn’t have to write off all the time and effort it invested in the Condé Nast project. So if Apple approves the Wired app, it will have a solution that works for other clients that want to get their stuff onto the iPhone and iPad.

The bad news is that the whole point of the Condé Nast project was to create a platform that publishers could use once to produce digital publications that would work on a range of platforms. Now those hopes have been dashed.

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