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Adobe + Android + Tablet + Flash = Interesting

Google refuses to acknowledge publicly that it is working on Android-powered tablet computers. But the company has been public about its support of Adobe’s Flash.

So. If you do see an Android-powered tablet on the market, there’s a good chance it will use Flash, right? Right.

In fact, here’s what’s purported to be a prototype Android tablet running Flash, as well as Adobe’s (ADBE) AIR. It works “flawlessly,” testifies Zedomax, which sniffed out the gadget on the floor of the Web 2.0 Expo Tuesday.

We’ll have to take its word, since these two clips are awfully brief. But for the record, note that the first clip is a demo of the Wired magazine app that Adobe is being forced to rewrite to Apple’s (AAPL) specs. Or at least some of the app–it really is a short clip.

And here’s a demo of Google’s (GOOG) YouTube, which supports both Flash video and the HTML5 standard Steve Jobs is pushing.

Do take all of this with plenty of salt, though. As you can see in this clip, this tablet won’t be on shelves in the near future. It’s most definitely a work in progress.

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