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Aloha, iPad!

It’s not Android-outselling-iPhone, but it’s good enough to be the Apple stat of the morning: The iPad is big in Hawaii!

Or at least it was in the first week it hit the market in April. That’s according to JiWire, a mobile marketing company with a very particular niche: Selling ads via commercial Wi-Fi networks.

JiWire tracks device information from the 30,000 public Wi-Fi hotspots where it serves ads, and it says Apple’s (AAPL) tablet made an immediate impact on its network, accounting for 1.53 percent of ad requests.

And for some reason, a bunch of them came from Honolulu. Go figure:

Meanwhile, here’s a more consequential data set from JiWire’s Q1 report on the most popular handsets and operating systems on its network (click to enlarge):

Most of those entries aren’t terribly surprising: Apple’s iPhone and iPod dominate the lists, and Google’s (GOOG) Android has a strong presence, too. The one that might raise an eyebrow is Sony’s (SNE) PSP game unit, which I confess, I never think of as an ad platform.

But mobile ad executives tell me they do, in fact, move a lot of inventory on the gadget. Think of the kinds of advertisers who buy time on Smackdown–armed forces, energy drinks, and other videogames–and you’ve got a sense of the PSP’s buyers.

And now you’ve learned two interesting tidbits in one story! Let’s go for three, via this electricity primer:

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