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Yahoo Investor Day Exec Presentations in Living Color: Collect Them All!

If you did not have the fortitude to listen to Yahoo’s annual investor day, which took place much of today at its Silicon Valley HQ, you can read all about it in the five detailed decks presented by top execs.

For your viewing pleasure, BoomTown has embedded them all below, so you too can pretend you are a gullible, oops, canny, Wall Street analyst or institutional investor and start formulating some theories about the future of Yahoo (YHOO).

To its credit, what I heard of the presentation–by phone, since the media were barred from the event itself and the video was messed up–was pretty well done, if a little too kitchen-sinky (as in, here’s everything!).

The day did feature sharp performances from peppy new Chief Products Officer Blake Irving (he voted with his feet, apparently, by coming to Yahoo) and head social dude Cody Simms.

Here are Irving’s slides on products, as well as slides from Scott Burke, VP of Data and Analytics, with the numbers; Mark Morrissey, SVP of Search Alliance Transition, on the nascent partnership deal with Microsoft (MSFT); Hilary Schneider, EVP of Yahoo Americas, on advertising; and Tim Morse, CFO, on moolah.


Blake Irving

Scott Burke

Mark Morrissey

Hilary Schneider

Tim Morse

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