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Full D8 Tech Demo Video: Microsoft's Project Natal

Since Microsoft will be officially unveiling its Project Natal at the Electronic Entertainment Expo gaming show next week in Los Angeles, take a preview gander of it in action at the eighth D: All Things Digital conference recently.

At E3, the software giant will give the innovative gesture-based controller for the Xbox a spanking new name and will likely announce other related features.

We already showed off Natal at D8 last week, saying “the experience is somewhere between the Nintendo Wii and Tom Cruise’s computer in ‘Minority Report,’ with hands, arms, legs and even heads interacting with the game.”

As we also noted, the system works using cameras and microphones, along with some fancy programming, to remove the controller pad from play. With Natal, Microsoft (MSFT) aims to include groups outside of the typical young male demographic in gaming.

Here’s the video of the full session of the demo, which includes the game-playing stylings of my No. 1 son, Louie. And, yes, me too–as you will see, I stink at online games.


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