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Viral Video: Scary Teaser Trailer Makes Upcoming Facebook Movie Sound Like a Slasher Film

Here is the new teaser trailer for “The Social Network,” the upcoming movie about the early days of Facebook.

Oddly enough, it makes the founding of the social networking company seem like a visit to that creepy house in “The Amityville Horror.”

Using only portentous voices, big menacing words and doom-filled music, it gives a whole new meaning to poking.

For example, the lines, “The site got 2,200 hits within two hours? No, 22,000…,” sounds like someone knew what Facebook did last summer–probably violated the privacy of the wrong hostel host–and is coming to take some body parts.

The Columbia Pictures film, which is out in October, has the tagline: “You can’t make 500 million friends without making a few enemies.”

More like an army of flash-eating zombies!


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