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ATD Debuts News Byte: A Tasty (And Nutritious) Information Nugget!

NewsByte Logo

If you are a regular reader of All Things Digital, you might have noticed over the last week or so that we have been fiddling around with a new news posting we call “News Byte.”

Since we love to let readers know how we operate–check out our ethics disclosures, for example–here’s the deal on what News Byte is:

First, although we like to think of ourselves as mighty, we have a very small staff of writers, all of whom are working their hearts out (really, we’re often out of breath).

And while we get to a lot, along with breaking news and doing analysis of the digital sector, we can’t get to it all.

That said, we want to provide as much accurate and useful information to readers as we can, as fast as we can.

That’s the impetus behind News Byte, which is to get up important and interesting news that our regular reporters cannot do immediately.

While we might do a follow-up, these items, which appear in their entirety on the front page of ATD, stand alone and quickly sum up the news and also link to an original source.

To differentiate them, our Web genius, Adam Tow, has ginned up a special logo and a gray gradient design.

And because we think it important that every word we put up on the site is attributed to someone we endorse, there are bylines.

Right now, the News Bytes are mostly written by our terrific edit staffers, Beth Callaghan and John Murrell.

And that’s the skinny on News Byte, short and sweet, as they are meant to be.

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