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He Thinks Bing Can: Microsoft Search Head Satya Nadella a Year Later

Yesterday, Microsoft Online Service SVP Satya Nadella–also known as the search-dude-in-chief–presided over the Search Summit, to update the media on the progress of the Bing service.

Since it launched Bing a year ago, the software giant has been aggressively–and with some interesting innovations–trying to make a dent in the market dominance of Google (GOOG), which has a share of upwards of 70 percent.

Bing has just broken into the double digits, which is impressive, but it’s still fighting an uphill battle. It’s essentially the little search engine that could.

Here’s a video interview I did with Nadella at the Microsoft office in San Francisco, where we talk about a lot of stuff, including Bing’s progress over the last year and when it might make some money.

I also added my interview with him from right after Microsoft struck its search partnership deal with Yahoo (YHOO) last August, just below it.

Speaking of money shot, check out the lovely donuts and cream puffs:

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