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The Facebook Movie Full Trailer: Creepier, Pokier, Anti-Zuckerbergier

Dear Mark Zuckerberg:

Uh-oh, from the looks of this full-length trailer for the upcming movie, “The Social Network,” about founding of Facebook, it’s not going to be a positive portrayal of you.

One bright spot: The hoodie is just right. And Sean Parker as channeled by Justin TImberlake looks nutso.

Also, apropos of nothing, the “Which part?” query at the end is spot on, having experienced it myself.

There have been two teaser trailers so far, but this is the first look at actual scenes about the social networking site’s origins in the movie.

But it is not pretty and includes the Vega Choir’s creepy rendition of Radiohead’s song “Creep.”

That would be you, Mark, according to the movie, which opens this fall. One possibility: The audience will embrace you as an anti-hero.

For certain from the trailers, the film–from Sony (SNE) unit Columbia Pictures–looks like it is leaving out the well-deserved part about you being a visionary entrepreneur, with an innovative drive on the same continuum of Bill Gates of Microsoft (MSFT), Jeff Bezos of Amazon (AMZN), Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google (GOOG) and, yes, even Steve Jobs of Apple (AAPL).

Maybe you should wait for the Silicon Valley sequel.

Here’s the video, if you dare to watch:

And here’s the real Mark Zuckerberg in action in an interview with Walt Mossberg and me at the eighth D: All Things Digital conference last month:

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