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Hey! Did You Know a Lot of People Used Twitter During the World Cup?

Given that much of the Web is watching live coverage of Steve Jobs’s “We don’t really have a problem with the iPhone 4” press conference, this seems like an excellent time to deliver news you have to talk about but don’t want people to read.

But that’s not what Twitter is doing: Instead, it has put out a blog post, timed exactly to the start of the Apple (AAPL) event, that discusses…the fact that a lot of people used Twitter during the World Cup.

Which we knew. That’s one of the reasons the service worked particularly poorly during the last 30 days, right?

In any case, Twitter doesn’t mention downtime or any other service issue in the post. But if you want fill in some blanks, you can see this as Twitter’s “hey don’t blame us for the last 30 days” explanation, in a passive-aggressive way. If you were so inclined.

But you’re not, right?

Anyway, the post does include this really cool infographic (click to enlarge), which demonstrates that…a lot of people used Twitter during the World Cup.

And now you know!

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