Jobs Feels Like He’s Been Through a Tear-Down

“We love our customers,” said Apple (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs several times during today’s iPhone 4 news conference. But the tech media and its coverage of the antenna issue? Jobs made it clear with some pointed comments that there’s no love lost there:

“If you’ve read the media coverage you’d think, Jesus, at least half of our customers have called in to complain,” he exclaimed.

Steve Jobs

Asked about a Bloomberg article asserting that a top Apple engineer had warned of antenna design problems, Jobs shot back, “Yeah, that was a total crock. We challenge them to come up with any evidence to prove it.… I talked to Rubin [the engineer mentioned in the article] and he says it’s total bullshit from his point of view as well.”

Another question mentioned a New York Times story that suggested a “latent software issue” could be at fault, to which iOS head Scott Forstall replied, “That’s patently false,” and Jobs added, “One of many such statements we’ve seen over the past week.”

Jobs sounded not only disgusted but a bit disheartened as well.

“One thing I’ve learned is that when there’s a successful organization, people want to tear it down….It’s happening to Google now. Google’s a great company, but people are tearing them down. What’s the purpose in that?…Would they rather that we were a Korean company and not an American one?…Sometimes I feel that these Web sites in search of eyeballs don’t know what they leave in their wake….We’ve been around for how many years? Don’t we have the trust from the press that we will address issues like this when they arise? I didn’t see that this week….Now we weren’t innocents in this, but the reaction to this based on the data we have has been so overblown that to digest it and determine what we can do better is going to take us some time.”

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