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Apple Earnings: No Better Antennagate Deodorant Than Success

Apple’s big third-quarter earnings beat has sent the analysts who follow the company in search of new superlatives with which to describe its performance. A barrage of Apple (AAPL) research notes were broadcast this morning and they are positive to a one, though with a single point of concern: Can Apple keep up its current pace?

Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray
While Apple had yet another stellar quarter, investors will wonder if the pace of growth is sustainable. We believe it is, given Apple has small market share in large, growing markets. We estimate that if Apple meets our Mac, iPhone, and iPad targets in 2011, the company will have only about 5 percent market share in the phone and computer markets, a number that will likely grow over time.

Mike Abramsky, RBC
Apple is now benefiting from what we are dubbing a “Cascade of Cool”–three strong, synergistic product cycles–iPhone, iPad and Mac, combining together synergistically to drive the strongest outperformance in 4 years–with more to come, as Apple remains well positioned against large, addressable markets. Additional drivers/catalysts expected include international rollouts, voice to Smartphone adoption, PC to Mac migration, enterprise adoption.

Chris Whitmore, Deutsche Bank
While current quarter results were very impressive, we see open runway for the 3 major product cycles ramping in C2H10 and beyond which should drive continued momentum. The iPad is off to a very strong start with demand characterized by Apple as “amazing” with widespread appeal to the mass market (i.e. already moved beyond “early adopters”). iPhone 4 demand is outstripping supply despite widely publicized antenna concerns (which we expect to dissipate). Both products continue to ramp internationally (iPhone with 154 carriers in 88 countries) while iPad will be available in 9 additional countries by July 23rd. Finally, we expect the recently refreshed MacBook lineup (and future updates) to perform well in the back-to-school and holiday seasons.

Yair Reiner, Oppenheimer
We were expecting Apple to deliver a strong F3Q10. But we hadn’t girded ourselves for a mammoth revenue forecast, and neither, we believe, had the Street. To those (like us) who fretted that Antennagate might hamper iPhone sales, Apple’s guidance seems to say “antennagate schmantennagate.” Apple is seeing a swell of demand across its product lines and increasingly compelling evidence that the iPhone has unleashed a halo effect in the international markets. These are facts on the ground that even Apple’s stubbornly bearish guidance can’t resist.

Charlie Wolf, Needham and Co.
This is the Apple story in a nutshell. The company remains a small fish in some very large ponds. Despite a quadrupling of shipments over the past several years, the Mac, the major surprise in the third quarter with record shipments of 3.5 million, still commands a small share of the PC market. The iPhone’s share of the fast growing smartphone market is likewise comparatively small. And while the iPad is in a class of its own, it’s beginning to cannibalize the much larger netbook PC market. Indeed, the iPad has jumped to the mainstream market, passing through the early adopter market in an instant.

Maynard Um, UBS
Guidance was much stronger than expected as the rev outlook of ~$18b was uncharacteristically higher (by $1bn) than Street ests. We believe AAPL typically guides to a conservatively achievable target, making guidance all the more impressive. With AAPL selling nearly every iPad/iPhone 4 produced, key variable to magnitude of pot’l upside will likely be the pace of capacity increases.

Katy Huberty, Morgan Stanley
The market underestimates the earnings power of Apple’s mobile Internet devices. We view the combination of new product launches, broader distribution (carrier, international, enterprise), more attractive pricing and strong upgrade rates as the key demand drivers over the next two years. Additionally, we believe iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad margins will remain above the corporate average, driving EPS upside as mix improves.

As you can see, Apple’s financial performance has sent the analyst community into paroxysms of praise. Not a week after its Antennagate press conference, the company already seems to have extricated itself from the public relations quagmire surrounding the iPhone 4’s reception woes.

As RBC analyst Abramsky quipped, there’s no deodorant like success.

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