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BoomTown Casts the Google Movie (You're Welcome, Hollywood!)


With the news that a Hollywood production company is working on a movie about Google, based on the nonfiction book “Googled: The End of the World as We Know It” by Ken Auletta, BoomTown has been noodling on which actors would be good to cast in the various roles of the top players.

While the Google film isn’t as juicy as the film about Facebook–“The Social Network,” coming out this fall (and, par for the course, the social networking site beats the search giant to the big screen!)–there is plenty of opportunity to bring a little glamour to the Googleplex.

While not a casting director by trade, but having actually covered the Google (GOOG) geeks off and on since its earliest days, I feel that I might have nailed the casting, below, for a smattering of the more-visible execs from the company, then and now.

I could not get to everyone–no Silicon Valley frenemies at Apple (AAPL), no VCs, no giant parade of former Googlers now at Facebook–but please feel free to add your own suggestions.


CEO Eric Schmidt/Philip Seymour Hoffman (uncanny!):

Co-founder and President, Products Larry Page/Zachary Quinto (keeping the Spock ears):

Co-founder and President, Technology Sergey Brin/Tom Cruise (in crazy jumping mode):

SVP, Product Management Jonathan Rosenberg/Jim Carrey (need we say more?):

SVP, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer David Drummond/Denzel Washington (even more uncanny!):

VP, Search Products & User Experience Marissa Mayer/Reese Witherspoon (separated at birth, right?):

VP, Product Management Susan Wojcicki/Maggie Gyllenhaal (because, let’s be frank, both deserve more notice):

VP, Engineering Andy Rubin/Dick Costolo (he’s not an actor, but he plays one at Twitter; also uncannily uncanny!):

VP, Engineering Vic Gundotra/Stewie Griffin (pretend the gun is a smartphone and it will all make sense):

Please see this disclosure related to me and Google. (And I will leave the casting of Megan to others, although I did lob in a call to Angelina Jolie’s people.)

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