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More Bling From Bing, as Microsoft Adds Social Zing and More

Microsoft is holding yet another feature update event for its Bing search service later today at its Silicon Valley HQ.

Microsoft (MSFT) Online Services Division President Qi Lu will be there, as well as SVP Yusuf Mehdi, for–according to the invite–“a conversation about new directions and future opportunities of search and a demonstration of some new search innovation by Bing.”

Those two are the big guns at Bing, so this won’t be a minor update.

As has been widely reported, a lot will be about its continuing integration with Facebook data, which BoomTown scooped out last year.

Big giant and sustained yawn, since it is a year gone and everyone is doing this in some fashion, including Google (GOOG) and Yahoo (YHOO).

Unless, of course, it is executed in some distinct and unusual manner.

Maybe a search of Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg’s data, every time yours is displayed without explicit permission?

We can dream!

I am hoping, as before, there is some kind of mapping update, since Bing often shows some cool new stuff at these regular events.

And I’ll be asking about how the Yahoo search and online advertising partnership is going, natch.

Liveblogging and possible video attack to begin at 11:30 am PT. (Note to Microsoft minions: Donuts, not cream puffs.)

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