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News Corp. Vs. Cablevision = Another Installment of "How to Cut Your Cord"

Nothing new with the Cablevision-News Corp. face-off. We’ve seen the cable guys fight with the programming guys again and again and again. And we’re sure to see it again, too.

But! It does give us the opportunity to rerun the “how to cut your cable TV” video and guide that Time Warner Cable helpfully prepared last year.

And this time the instructions will be particularly helpful to Cablevision’s customers who live exclusively in the New York area.

They’ll still be able to watch their smug, overpaid Yankees take on the Texas Rangers on cable today, since those games are being carried on Time Warner’s TBS.

But if News Corp. and Cablevision don’t settle by early Saturday evening, Cablevision subs won’t get Fox’s Phillies-Giants game (Halladay! Lincecum!) via their cable box tonight.

Which means they’ll need to either break out the rabbit ears for an over-the-air signal or break out their credit card and pay, which is offering live “companion coverage”: $9.95 gets you streams for the rest of the playoffs.

Either way, they’ll want to review the instructions below. (Disclosure–News Corp. owns Dow Jones, which owns this Web site):


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