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Apple’s “Back to the Mac” Event by the Numbers

As Apple events go, Wednesday’s was a bit lighter on metrics than some others we’ve seen this year. Still, there were quite a few worth noting, beginning with 13.7 million–the number of Macs sold in the fiscal year that ended in September–and continuing on with those listed below.

  • 13.7 million Macs sold in FY 2010
  • That’s 3 times the number of Macs Apple sold just five years ago
  • The Mac’s installed base is 50 million
  • Mac sales accounted for $22 billion in revenue in FY 2010
  • That’s 33 percent of Apple’s revenue
  • And it’s enough to make the company’s Mac business No. 110 on the Fortune 500–if it were a standalone business
  • Quarterly Mac sales grew 2.5 times faster than the rest of the industry (according to IDC)
  • The Mac has outgrown the PC market for 18 straight quarters
  • The Mac claims 20.7 percent of the U.S. retail market (according to NPD)
  • There are 600,000 Mac developers
  • The above number is growing by 30,000 per month
  • Mac customer satisfaction is the highest in the industry
  • It’s No. 1 in customer satisfaction (according to ACSI)
  • It’s No. 1 in tech support for the last seven years (according to Consumer Reports)
  • It’s No. 1 in customer support (according to PC World)
  • There are 318 Apple retail stores in 11 countries
  • Apple retail stores sold 2.8 million Macs last year
  • 50 percent of them were sold to first-time Mac buyers
  • Apple sold 2 million iPhoto photo books in the past year
  • There are 5 million GarageBand users

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