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Importing Entourage Files Into Office for Mac


In your review of the new Microsoft Office for Mac, you didn’t mention if it can import files from the program it replaces, Microsoft Entourage. Can it?


Yes. It prompts you to do so when you first run it. However, I didn’t test this particular feature, so I can’t say how well it works.


If I am correct, today’s electronic devices made to operate on 3G networks will work on 4G networks. But will the newest of them—such as iPads, iPhones, and Android phones—achieve 4G speeds on 4G networks?


You are incorrect, unfortunately. Today’s 3G phones and other devices cannot work on the new and coming 4G networks. Those new networks require devices with different internal radios. On the other hand, the few current 4G devices—mainly devices from Sprint—are designed to work the other way. They can use 3G networks if 4G coverage is unavailable.


Does the new Outlook for the Mac synchronize with iPhones?


According to Microsoft, the answer is no, or at least not directly. The program was designed to only sync directly with the company’s Exchange servers. It uses a built-in feature of the Mac operating system to synchronize its contacts with the Mac’s own address book, and the latter can be synched with iPhones. The company says it is still working on enabling a similar indirect method for calendar entries.

However, you are able to sync your iPhone directly with some of the services from which Outlook draws its data, such as Microsoft Exchange, which would obviate the need for synching with Outlook itself.

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