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Video: BoomTown Puts Twitter's Revenue Dude Adam Bain in the Deep Freeze

There is no question Adam Bain is a charmer, as you will be see from the video below.

He has to be, of course, as a longtime online advertising guy running News Corp.’s Fox Audience Network and now as president of global revenue at Twitter.

It’s a big splashy job for Bain, who also has some substantive geek credentials, unlike most sales people. But it is also a really tough one being the point man behind figuring out and building a viable and lucrative advertising business for the popular San Francisco-based microblogging service.

Is there gold in them thar Tweets? We’ll see, and Bain has to show us the money–and fast.

In fact, that was the title of an interview I did with Bain yesterday at TWTRCON SF 10, which also published an interesting poll about consumer reaction to Promoted Tweets and more.

The chat we had was a lively one–at one point I asked Bain if he would tell me Twitter’s revenues, if he “did not mind,” and he answered, “I do mind. I’m all about managing expectations.” Which is to say, they are probably less-than-impressive still.

Bain also pulled out a bullhorn to make his point to advertising clients about the noise online (and also to shut me up!).

Like I said, charming!

Here’s the two of us talking more about it, inexplicably inside a freezer at the hotel where the conference was held:

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