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LOLCatz: Safra on The Stand Again in Oracle-SAP Trial

Testimony in the Oracle vs SAP trial wrapped up on Friday with a second appearance by Oracle co-President Safra, who said SAP should pay at least $1.6 billion in damages for the copyright infringement’s of its TomorrowNow subsidiary and chided the company for its offer of $40 million.

“[Their offer] doesn’t value our intellectual property at all,” she said, adding that TomorrowNow’s infringement encompassed more than just support documentation. “Yes, there were documents and help guides and things like that, but there was also the software itself–probably millions of lines of code, which is what the products really are….And we spend billions a year on R&D. This is a business where intellectual property is worth billions.”

Greg Lanier, a Jones Day attorney representing SAP, pressed her on that point insisting that Oracle isn’t owed such a large damages award because the value that the company lost to TomorrowKnow’s infringement is that “Oracle doesn’t get the chance to sell that software to someone else.”

But Catz wasn’t having any of it.

“You know, if Warner Brothers had a little subsidiary that copied Disney’s entire library and started selling it for $2 a copy, and they got caught and then offered to give Disney back half of what they made, is Disney’s library only worth $50?” she asked. “I mean, really. It’s valuable. The fact that it was copied doesn’t change that it’s valuable.”

Lanier quickly dismissed Catz’s point as a “colorful analogy,” reminding her that there are only 358 lost customers at issue in this case. Hard to imagine that such a “colorful analogy” in an otherwise tedious enterprise software case didn’t resonate with the jury, though.

Closing arguments in the case begin on Monday, with jury deliberations to follow.


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