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Plantronics Takes Voyager Where No Headset Has Gone Before

Mobilized still thinks that people look dorky with Bluetooth headsets in their ear. That said, we also don’t like seeing car wrecks, so we admire their value to society. What’s interesting, though, is that the things are suddenly taking on more features.

In a demo at D: Dive Into Mobile, Plantronics, a well known name in the space, is showing off a new member of its Voyager line that can funnel audio not just to and from a cell phone, but also to the PC for either Skype or Microsoft’s Office Communications Server.

The Voyager Pro UC looks like the company’s current model but can now intelligently route audio to multiple places. It can even notify Skype and the Microsoft communications software that you are busy if you answer a call on any of the three systems. Pricing for the device hasn’t been set yet and it’s set to ship some time in the first quarter of next year.

Initially it will be Windows-only, but Mac support is planned. Plantronics also expects that, by launch, the device will support unified communications products from Cisco, IBM and Avaya, in addition to Microsoft’s software.

Live Notes
2:42 pm: Demo is live- first talk is about sensors.

A call is placed on stage, and the headset knows it isn’t in the ear- the call is channeled to the phone. When the headset is worn, audio automatically switches over.

2:46 pm: The headset also connects to the computer via proprietary software- allows your skype status to be updated by the device when you are on a call.

2:48 pm: The big picture is that the software makes the headset the nexus of communication, not the device it connects to.

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