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Flipboard Caves to User Demand; Adds RSS Feeds (And Flickr and Web Previews)

Flipboard, the social content display application for the iPad, is releasing an update tonight that adds users’ No. 1 most-requested feature: RSS feeds.

Flipboard had resisted adding feeds because its mission is to curate content through social channels. However, said co-founder Evan Doll, the company decided Google Reader wouldn’t be too much of a compromise, because it is synched through the cloud and has social sharing features.

Also, now that Flipboard has access to RSS feeds, it will display the full text of many articles when they are shared by a Flipboard user’s contacts on Facebook or Twitter.

(If publishers provide only excerpts in their RSS feeds, that’s all Flipboard users will get. If publishers are part of Flipboard’s Pages program, their stories will be displayed in specially formatted “magazinified” pages no matter where they appear in the app.)

(Full disclosure: All Things Digital is a beta partner in the program.)

Flipboard is also adding Flickr feeds, something that had long been on the company’s list, said Doll. For users who curate their Flickr contacts and favorite pictures, viewing them on Flipboard will be a “personal life magazine,” as Doll put it.

The other big change Flipboard is making is that it will load full Web pages as soon as a user clicks on a story, rather than asking users to take the extra step of clicking a “read on Web” button.

And for good measure, Flipboard will now allow readers to update Facebook and Twitter (as pictured), rather than just consume their content.

Now that Flipboard has caved and added RSS feeds to its app, I asked Doll if it would ever add search to complement social discovery.

“That’s a great question,” he said, before not really answering it.

Flipboard launched last July and has received wide acclaim, including being named Apple’s top iPad app of 2010. However, it has not yet disclosed user numbers.

For more on Flipboard, see our D:Dive Into Mobile interview with CEO Mike McCue (who was also named to Twitter’s board today).

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