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When You Wish Upon a Week Off (and Yet Here I Am at Disney World)

To say BoomTown is not a person who likes to hear when I arrive at a vacation spot, “Have a magical day,” is an understatement.

In fact, if I were a Disney character, I would be an unholy mash-up of Cruella de Vil, Grumpy and Scrooge McDuck.

Yet, here I am for the rest of the week–after just barely escaping snow prison in New York–at Disney World in Florida, with the wife and kids and a lot of preternaturally peppy folks from all over the world.

In other words, it’s a small world after all, instead of just a smaller Yahoo via layoffs and exec departures. Or, Pirates of the Caribbean and not Pirates of Silicon Valley.

You get the idea.

(Although since Walt Mossberg and I will be interviewing Disney CEO Robert Iger at D: All Things Digital, our ninth conference in June of next year, it’s kind of work-related.)

In any case, I won’t be posting much–except for putting up the last of the D: Dive Into Mobile full videos–until a week from now.

But, all week, All Things Digital writers will be weighing in on the year past and the one ahead, starting with MediaMemo’s Peter Kafka later today.

When I return, I’ll be setting the stage for the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (my kind of theme park!), where we will be putting on an afternoon of interviews with big names in tech for D@CES.

After that, it’s right into the expected move of Apple iPhone to Verizon and more, since the tech parade–just like the Electrical Parade on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom–never seems to stop.

So, until 2011, have a magical day. And I mean that in the Cruella-ist way.

That’s because, here’s a video of Disney World 3D in Google Earth that is already causing me to freak out:

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— Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, in their farewell D post