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Accel Partners’ Rich Wong Predicts an Android New Year (Video)

Last week, Mobilized headed over to Accel Partners to chat with venture captialist Rich Wong and see where he is betting things will go in 2011.

Wong is certainly not alone in his main predicton: “I think 2011 is going to be the year where Android really breaks out.”

The rise of Android, he said, will lead to a shift among developers, he said. “People are going to have to think of iPhone as not necessarily the first platform anymore and many developers are going to start thinking of Android (first).”

It’s going to take a bit longer for Android on the tablet side, he said, where fragmentation is a bigger issue, with hardware makers building products around different versions of the operating system.

“Frankly I think a lot of the tablet makers are just a cycle behind,” he said.

As for the other big mobile players, such as Nokia, RIM and Microsoft, Wong said, “The jury is really out on whether any of those three are going to succeed.”

Wong also predicted Facebook will play a bigger role on the phone, shifting from being an app that is on a lot of phones to being a true mobile platform, similar to the shift it has made on the desktop.

Here is the interview video:

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